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Please read ALL policies before submitting an inquiry form!


You (the client), agree that you have read, agreed, and fully comprehend the material presented to you. You also AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS once you submit an inquiry form, your payment has been received, and you receive confirmation that the design process has begun, which gives consent that you have read, fully comprehend, and agreed to this information.


Due to the nature of all services provided by Designs By K. Nicole, refunds are NOT eligible unless:

If the designer has an emergency such as an unexpected illness/hospitalization, family emergency, or an unexpected technical issue that effects the ability to complete the project, “the client” will have the option to:

  • Accept the extended turnaround time due to emergency and receive a 30% refund (based on initial payment) for the


  • Cancel the project and receive a full refund for the inconvenience.


If “the client” is deemed difficult to work with by the designer for being: disrespectful, rude, and/or begins to verbally/digitally harrass and/or insult the designer, Designs By K. Nicole reserves the right to CANCEL the project and the client will not be will NOT be able to receive services of any kind from Designs By K. Nicole in the future.


If, for any reason, the client decides to cancel the project, work will be terminated and a refund will NOT be issued and payment is not transferrable. If you would like to inquire about any project in the future, based on price of the service, another deposit or full payment will be sent. 


All payments will be submitted to Designs By K. Nicole via Zelle or Cashapp.

No work will begin until all information, context, files, photos, and 50% deposit is paid for services that are $200 and higher. FULL PAYMENT IS REQUIRED for services $199 and under. 


Any remaining balances or fees incurred will be due BEFORE final files are sent if the service was not, initially, paid in full and/or no additional fees have been incurred.

Due to the nature of the services, once the client is sent a confirmation email that work has begun, payments (deposits and full payments) are NON-REFUNDABLE. Custom designs take time and due to the work that has been in progress or has been produced, refunds will not be issued in order to offset for the loss of business. 


Communication between “the Client” and Designs By K. Nicole, will be held ONLY via email ( primarily during the hours of 4pm-8pm, Monday through Thursday. Some correspondence may occur before 4pm. This is for legal purposes to maintain a paper trail for both the client and the business.

To maintain your turnaround time, client needs to respond to emails within 1 business day. The more time taken to respond, the more days added to the turnaround time. FOR EXAMPLE: the designer sends an email on Tuesday & the client does not respond until Thursday; turnaround time has now been extended 2 business days.

If the client does not respond within 7 BUSINESS DAYS, the project will be put on pause & a $50 fee will be due to continue the project.

In the event the designer is experiencing an unexpected illness/hospitalization, family emergency, or experiencing an unforeseen technical issue that prohibits the completion of work, the designer WILL communicate as soon as the designer's health or situation allows her to.


Rushing is defined as emailing and/or direct messaging the  designer, demanding that the project be done before the estimated completion date that was provided based on turnaround time & effective communication.


In order for Designs By K. Nicole to deliver high quality work and meet the estimated turnaround time, the bulk of the designer’s time needs to be spent creating, therefore, rushing and/or harassing the designer IS NOT tolerated.


There WILL NOT be daily communication throughout the duration of the design process. If there are any questions or concerns, “the client” will need to reach out via email.

If there any legitimate questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email to:


Turnaround time begins once an email from  Designs By K. Nicole CONFIRMS that deposit or full payment and information (profession/high-quality photos, social media info, brand colors, logo files, design inspirations, etc.) have been received.

Turnaround times for A La Carte services are between 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS. Turnaround times for packages vary between 5-35 BUSINESS DAYS.

Turnaround time refers to business days ONLY. This does not include holidays, weekends, and planned time off. 

Turnaround times vary per service and can be extended due to multiple revisions and/or lack of communication.


Depending on workload, rush orders may be available. Designs By K. Nicole will notify clients when rush orders are available via social media and to the email subscribers. When in fact rush orders are being taken, rush fees are only available for A La Carte services starting at an ADDITIONAL $30 to the original price of the service.


Revisions are defined as a slight modifications or corrections toward the final design. A revision is NOT reworking the entire design concept in a new creative direction; this would be considered a REDESIGN.


Changing the entire concept that the client and designer originally agreed upon, will incur a redesign fee of $50. This fee does not go towards any remaining balance owed. If the client paid in full, approved final files will not be sent until the redesign fee is paid.


The client is allowed 3 FREE revisions. Any additional revisions will be subject to a $10 fee per revision.


Drafts are for APPROVAL PURPOSES ONLY and considered the property of the designer. The client is not allowed to distribute drafts in any way.


Once revisions are complete and final designs have been approved and sent to the client, no additional changes will be made.  


FOR LOGOS: The file types will be delivered via email from Designs By K. Nicole to the client when the project is completed and has been approved by the client - JPG, PNG (with & without background), PDF, and SVG. 

FOR GRAPHICS: The file types will be delivered via email from Designs By K. Nicole to the client when the project is completed and has been approved by the client - JPG and PNG. 


Once this project is completed, “the Client”, grants permission to Designs By K. Nicole, “the business”, to use for portfolio and/or marketing purposes unless agreed upon otherwise.

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